The Greatest Movie of 2017

Hello viewers! I hope your day is going great! If not, have some caffeine!!! (My go to is cherry diet dr. pepper. You can thank me later!) My mood is currently higher than my glass half empty one. My glass is only one-fourth empty!!


What is making me feel this way, you might ask… Well, it has to do with seeing one of the top movies of the year!!! Ending 2017 with a bang The Greatest Showman was worth the wait!! Yes, I was finally able to see The Greatest Showman in theaters, and let me say it was more than just a circus… It was a new world filled with music, color, imagination, uniqueness, and above all sensational performances from all the actors and actresses involved with the project!


Hugh Jackman brought the greatest legend of show business to the big screen, displaying traits of individuals who were born with amazing talents that people are not used to seeing. The movie covers many themes like diversity, bullying, and so much more. His portrayal of P.T. Barnum was truly extraordinary. Jackman’s performance makes us all want to run away and join the circus! Although, I just don’t want to get stuck feeding the tigers… LOL


Although, I will say that the movie does jump around quite a bit. For example, there would be one scene, and then the next scene would jump would to two weeks later. But you must know that I am not criticizing it!!!


I’m not. I promise!!!


Trust me, I was a fan of the movie after seeing the very first trailer back in June!!


It was just different from what I’m used to, which makes it even better. My favorite musical performance had to be Rewrite the Stars. In all great movies, there must be a romance, and in this one it was a silent romance. One that was hidden in the background, where the viewer notices the looks and moments between the characters. Zendaya and Zac Efron starred as star-crossed lovers, breaking the rules by wanting to be with each other with prejudice and race standing in the way. But those two defied the odds, not caring what the public thought of them. They truly were warriors in battle, winning the victory with a song.


In my opinion, Zendaya was robbed of a Golden Globe nomination. She stared as Anne Wheeler, a trapeze artist, who performed all of her own stunts without a net. And if that doesn’t surprise you, Zendaya is only 21 years old. Now tell me what 21-year-old has that much maturity and elegance and bravery to play a character who goes experiences hate due to the color of her skin. Zendaya’s performance in this movie was a sensational start into her movie career.


Academy Award people, or whatever you refer to yourself as, please don’t make the mistake like the Golden Globes and deny her a nomination.


This movie is truly what the world needed right now, modeling how humanity needs to come together in this time of horror and destruction.


The soundtrack is one that no will ever forget! The song This is Me is the anthem of the movie, showing others that you don’t need to please others with your actions and looks. Everyone is born with their own special traits, displaying how we all were never meant to be the same. Differences is what brings us together as humans, giving us the opportunity and chance to learn from others.


So, I hope you all get the chance to experience this magical show. It will truly inspire you to make changes in your own life, and it may even bring up old dreams you forgotten as a child.


I hope everyone enjoys the show and always remember…


“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

                                                          ~P.T. Barnum

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Movie of 2017

  1. Allison

    LOVED this movie!!! Didn’t know Zendaya did her own stunts, and without a net! That’s amazing. Rewrite the Stars was a very moving number.


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