Hunting Prince Dracula

The New Year is finally upon us. Everyone is currently working on their New Year’s resolutions, or deciding what their resolutions will be for the year. (I’m still deciding what mine should be.)


As for me, I just finished my first book of 2018! Yay me!!!


I know what you’re all thinking…


Cough *slacker*…


I completely get it. I usually finish my first book of the year on the first or second. However, life, or adulting as some people call it got in the way. Curse the relentless responsibilities of growing up.


Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco was a fascinating read, taking me back to the enchanted lands of Romania in the late 1800s during the Gothic era, where tales of folklore and the legendary immortal of the night haunts the lands by drinking the dark crimson liquid from his victims.


Audrey Rose is still haunted by the previous events from Jack the Ripper case, causing her skill in forensic study to stumble. However, her drive to put the recent and dark events behind her is taken away as she travels to Romania to study at the intellectual forensic program in Romania. During her travels with her partner in crime Thomas Cresswell, a man is mysteriously murdered on the train with a stake implanted in his heart. After the first murder, another life is taken, except this victim has his entire volume of blood drained. Has the immortal prince of dark returned, seeking vengeance for the past?


Audrey and Thomas learn of the folklore legend Prince Dracula and the enchanting stories of his taste for blood. Both friends must work together in order to save the school, and also their own lives.



This book is the sequel to Kerri Maniscalco first novel Stalking Jack the Ripper, which I must say is another great read. Any reader looking for a female heroine adventurer, this is an amazing series to read. Maniscalco focuses on themes of feminism, and fighting against social standards between gender. Audrey Rose wants to become an intellectual forensic scientist just like her uncle, but must fight the barriers and judgement in England.


Any person wanting to break the barrier between gender equality will love the fight and courage Audrey Rose possesses in this enchanting tale. Her heart and spirit is what readers are inspired by.


Maniscalco’s language in the books transports the reader back to the 1800s, using selective styles of wording and phrases. Her hard work and dedication to the characters and stories is very appreciated by readers. There were moments when I even imagined myself beside the fearless heroine helping her solve the mysterious murders.


This thrilling and adventurous series will definitely cure anyone seeking adventure and historical legends of the past. Here is the link for a copy on Amazon! And it’s also available on all major book platforms!! (Amazon is just my go to; Free shipping.) I promise you won’t regret this thrilling read.



Next, I’ll be diving into Marie Lu’s new Young Adult Novel Batman: Nightwalker!


I hope everyone has an amazing first week in the New Year, and feel free to email me any book suggestions you may have!! Also share this blog with your friends and family!


See you soon!!





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