Inside the Rabbit Hole We Go!

Alright, I’ll say it Mondays are killer. And not the good kind. No matter what I do, my Moody Mondays still will not improve, even after countless cups of coffee and my go to Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. (Seriously try it!!! It will change your life!!) But coming back from this weekend, I decided to try and change that, hoping to spark something in myself and to everyone reading. Letting my curious mind follow something new and exciting… (Which also has to do with my post!!)


So here it goes…


As I was writing in my new 500 writing prompts journal. Yes, there is a book (AMAZING AND AWESOME BOOK) that provides many different writing prompts for someone to basically write about.


I know what you’re thinking…


This dude’s crazy for blogging about this!



I do have to agree that I am slightly crazy… However, no I’m not blogging about the book. I’m going to blog about one of the prompts that really got me thinking about imagination and creativity.


Ha ha…


Anyways the most recent prompt was “White Rabbit” can have so many meanings. What does “white rabbit” mean to you?


Now, if you’re a literary or Disney fanatic like me (don’t be ashamed to admit it!!) my mind instantly thought of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I mean, who doesn’t think of the crazy unpunctual rabbit when someone mentions white rabbit.


Well, as I was thinking about the term, I was imagining the scene from the book and the Disney movie on how Alice immediately followed the little fellow, causing her to fall into a hole in a world of imagination. Let me give you a little peak at what my mind implored:


Every time I hear the term white rabbit, my mind immediately drifts to the tales and adventures of Alice in Wonderland. The dreadful and unpunctual rabbit starts the tale by spurring Alice’s curiosity, forcing her to follow the hare into a hole full of color and imagination. This hole leads her to a enchanting place where creatures of irony and the Queen of Hearts live magical lives. Whether its talking riddles with the Cheshire Cat, or losing your head with the Queen (literally and figuratively), the white rabbit symbolizes the beginning of what are minds can create when we let our imagination take us to extraordinary places.



Deep stuff right…


I didn’t even know I was capable of writing something like that.


Back to the point Kylan!


I’m saying that in life, everyone follows a white rabbit. The invisible white rabbit is what grabs our interests in wanting to drive a motorcycle, reading new books, wanting to be an author, and so much more. If Alice didn’t have the courage to follow her own white rabbit, then she wouldn’t have learned so much about Wonderland and about the amazing beings inside of it. Basically, the story would just be about her taking a nap. How boring would that be?


So, I’m challenging you all to discover what your own term of what the term “white rabbit” means. I want to hear your thoughts and really get those creative juices going. Leave a comment below and really think about a time you followed your own white rabbit.


Instead of thinking about those Monday Blues, think about searching for the white rabbit. Think about your imagination and tap into it. Go deep inside the thoughts of your childhood and remind yourself of what makes you, You!! Our creativity and imagination is something that no one can take away from us. It’s what makes us all different. And most importantly, it what drives our hearts in everything we do.



So, I wish you all a happy Monday!!!


And discover your white rabbit…



“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”

                         -the White Rabbit

(Lewis Carrol- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)


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