A Writer’s Mind


Writing a novel is a great accomplishment for any person, whether you’re an inspiring writer or another muggle living in a world, wishing to become a magical wizard. Words are a gateway for readers all around the world. It’s the key to a parallel dimension, allowing them a chance to become more than one characters. It’s an opportunity to live more than one life.

Finishing a novel is one of the most exciting things to do in life. Although just finishing a story, it doesn’t mean it’s over. No, there more journey that lies ahead, where a writer passes through mountains covered in snow and ice and even tolerates the suffering rays of the sun shining bright in a desert. And it even gets worse when another story pops in your mind, which forces you to start the magical and unspeakable journey all over again.

The journey of a story, requires a writer to employ his or her blood, sweat, and tears by introducing delightful characters, crafting a new empire, and even exposing the deadliest twists that sting the wounds of the reader. This and so much more is what it takes to create a masterpiece, just as all the writers have done in the past, inspiring future writers to learn the craft more and to enhance writing to another level.

As an aspiring writer, I am certain of the struggles that many of my fellow counterparts endure. For there is the terrible writer’s block. Another trial that many must work through is a block when a writer in unsure where to take the story next. Finally, the most dreaded skirmish to ever have existed is starting over. Some believe that starting over is the perfect way to help inspire the writer even more, while others may see it as a sign of failure, returning to the drawing board.

However, you may see it, these are the scuffles many writers work through, using all their effort to create a story embellished in their mind. Stories that inspire, encourage, and literally get human beings through their toughest time.

I believe many people, who are not educated on the writing world, view these problems as nothing. They most likely see it as a smudge on a glass pain, when in reality they are the cracks that shatter glass until there is nothing less. Writers go through the most painful burdens than many people in the working world. For they must dig deep down inside, and search for stories hiding inside of them. Some are hidden in their hearts, while others may be waiting in the dark depths of the souls.

These hidden stories are the key to help heal this world from darkness that is spreading. Darkness that not only destroys, but diminishes the light of goodness inside us all. The light that makes us humane and creates peace with one another.

Writing is what gives every culture in the world their history. It describes the past, hoping to lead to a better future.

To all the writers out there, keep going. Never let anyone slam your passions or extinguish the fire burning inside your soul. There is a torch lighting the way to find your happiness. You are leading the way with others behind you.

Everyone is a writer in their life.

But it’s up to the writer to share it.

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