Before the Dark Knight

My second book is in the books (pun intended), and this lovely manuscript has been making me crazy waiting for the new story.


Batman: Nightwalker is the second book in the DC Icon Series, written by Marie Lu; published by Random House, following the first book Wonder Woman: Warbringer (which is another fascinating read) written by the lovely Leigh Bardugo. But before we jump into the dark and twisting tale, let’s just give a shout out to the entire series!!!


The DC Icon Series from Random House is an exhilarating start to a successful series, and hopefully, they will continue with more stories involving the famous and legendary lives of heroes before they even became super heroes. The series focuses on all the heroes as the enter the world as Young Adults, mostly around late teens early twenties era. . The books in the series, in order of dates being published, are


  1. Wonder Woman: Warbringer written by Leigh Bardugo
  2. Batman: Nightwalker written by Marie Lu
  3. Catwoman: Soulstealer written by Sarah J. Maas
  4. Superman written by Matt de la Pena



Wonder Woman and Batman are already published and can be purchased on Amazon (click the link), while Catwoman and Superman will be released soon! (Catwoman is coming out in August 2018 and Superman has yet to reveal the date when he makes his appearance.) I have enjoyed the series so far, but I love how Random House pulled this project together by letting different authors tell their own versions of the story. Every story may mention the character’ past, or future involvement with corruption, but no story mimics or copies a single adventure! I wish for a book to combine all the characters, allowing each author to write chapters from the characters’ perspectives!!! Now that would be AMAZING!! I hope that with the success so far, Random House will continue on the path and introduce more super heroes and even some villains (talking about the Joker here).


Batman: Nightwalker begins from just weeks from Bruce Wayne’s high school graduation. He is still buried in the hurt from losing his parents, hiding it from all around him. Unlike most stories, Bruce isn’t on a quest for revenge. He’s not even trying to become the super hero we all know him as (FYI its Batman if you been living under a rock). His quest lies on the side of “why”. Why did his parents die? Why must he become a billionaire? Why can everyone move on except him? Bruce is looking for answers, but distracts himself incorporating himself into another criminal case in Gotham City. He soon learns of a girl around his age in Arkham Asylum, who leads him on an adventure of mystery and heartbreak. Although, Bruce must come to terms with everything around him, including the answers he’s been looking for, when his friends become entwined into trouble.


As a fellow fan to all other fans, we can all agree that diving into Bruce Wayne’s head is basically like trying to break into a bank or another safely guarded place. It involves a lot of planning, map layouts, vaults opening and closing. And even after all the work and masterful spy skills, it sometimes doesn’t work out the way you have wanted. Bruce is the exact same way. Just as you think you understand the dark knight’s mind, he throws you a curve ball and completely sends you spiraling down a staircase of horror.


I pride Marie Lu’s endeavor on this daunting task. No author, writer, video gamer, or fan is going to tell the exact true story about the man in the bat cave. Everyone has different perspectives and ideas, thanks to the various versions of the story, along with the TV shows, comic books, and other current media.


I will say that there were moments when the book was engaging, welcoming me in the pages, while there were other times it seemed a bit confusing. This book did not exceed my expectations as Wonder Woman did, although it was a good read to continue the series.



Just so you know, I’m not criticizing Marie Lu at all!! I would never do that!! I love her and all her stories and her ideas!!! She is amazing, and I love her take on the story of Batman!!! #warcrossforever


This book was just hard to connect with sometimes, given that Bruce Wayne’s hard bruiting character doesn’t always invite others in.



This fast-paced book of adventure and action are sure to thrill readers who love to dive into dark shadows. Learning more about Bruce and how he became the hero Batman is the unfamiliar story all fans and readers are dying to discover. And this story is just one piece of the missing timeline.



Hope you all enjoy!!!


I’ll be posting more movies soon!! Be on the Lookout!!


~Kylan Out


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