The Cruel Twist

Hello fellow readers and bloggers and whatever social app your on! I apologize for my absence, if you missed it lol. For I was stricken down with the killer symptoms an allergy infection, along with the pains of allergies.


But I’m back better than ever!


Okay, maybe not better. Still you get the point.


And to lead off with that, I’m going give you the latest on the newest tale that I’ve read. Being a fan of dark twisted tales, I must say that this book had me in for a loop. I didn’t expect any of plot twists that unveiled itself in this realm. Maybe that why author Holly Black decided to include “cruel” in the title. (Warning, there may be spoilers below. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.)


The Cruel Prince is a tale of deceit, greed, misery, love, and darkness. And the book didn’t even take place on Earth.




This tale revealed itself in the Fairy Realm, where toads of steed and poisonous fruit rapture the heart of the weak. It follows the story of a young woman named Jude, a mortal, who must battle the enchantments and trials forced upon her after being stolen away from the human world. She must use the strategy her kidnapper (the man who her mother married before her mother ran away and married Jude’s father; trust me it’s very confusing.) taught her since she was 7 years old, in order to outwit the carousel, she is unable to stop.


First of all, this is my first book to read of Holly Black, and I’m COMPLETLEY OBSESSED. Her writing and story plots are so creative and stunning! Her description and freedom of the Fairy Realm is truly inspiring. There is so many colors and animals that I couldn’t bear to imagine. Not only the creative description, but the invoking themes of it was delicious. I think my favorite theme of the book was betrayal.


And it’s not betrayal in a wicked way. No, it is more courageous than that. This theme of betrayal is more of a sacrifice. Jude makes so many sacrifices that truly inspired me to make a few of my own. Although, these sacrifices cause actions of betrayal. Her love and dedication to her family is truly incredible. She is a true warrior, showing nothing can stop her. Poisonous juices bow down to her, showing others that there is nothing to hold her back. Not even a cruel prince.


I do hope everyone gets the chance to read this enticing and dark gem of a novel!!!


That’s all I have for now, and hopefully I can get some more stuff together.


But I can reveal that I’m almost done with a secret project!!


So, I’ll leave you with this;


“Nothing is more cruel than a person’s own curiosity.”

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