Creating A Monster

When most people here the name “Mary Shelley,” they immediately think of one of the greatest novels of all time Frankenstein. They don’t see a woman who fought her entire life for freedom and love. Instead, some see a woman creating a world of terror, while others see an out-casted daughter who shamed her family and entire future.


Lita Judge destroys these views of Mary Shelley in her new gut wrenching story Mary’s Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein. Judge takes readers on a journey through Mary Shelley’s life, describing Shelley’s turmoil and strife she faced.


You see, Shelley’s life was struck with tragedy and misfortune. There wasn’t a blissful family dynamic most people enjoy today. Shelley’s life was disrupted with monster after monster including the great poet Percy Shelley, who she loved dearly.


Although, instead of running to escape the madness that seemed to take over, Shelley stayed braving the judgment and hardship thrown her way. For she learned the truth about life, clinging on to the belief for a better world through writing and Literature.


Shelley used the pain, betrayal, and death of her lover, father, sisters, and even her own children to create a monster she feared, not knowing the world would fall in love with him and everything he stood for and still stands for today.


This book reveals the true life of Marry Shelley, written with honesty and passion all writers strive for. The reader can feel each thrill, tremor, love, and life lying inside the words Judge writes. This 312 page feature reveals more about Mary Shelley than any other book or article about the author’s detailed life.


True talent lies with Judge and her love and devotion to Mary Shelley; the first author to share the monster living inside us all.




The Creature


Most people didn’t believe Mary Shelley,

A teenage girl, unleashed me,

A creature powerful and murderous

Enough to haunt their dreams.


They expected girls to be nice

And obey the rules.

They expected girls to be silent

And swallow punishment and pain.


She was cast out from Society

Because she loved a married man.

Her friends reviled her.

Her father banished her from his home.


But she did not hide.

She was not silenced.

She fought against the cruelty of human nature

By writing.


She conceived me.

I took shape like an infant,

Not in her body, but in her heart,

Growing from her imagination

Till I was bold enough to climb out of the page

And into your mind.


Now Mary is the ghost

Whose bones have turned to dust

And it is I who live on.


But hear her voice!

She wrote my story,

And now she will reach beyond the grave

And tell you her own.



Lita Judge, Mary’s Monster: Love Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein

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