The Writing State of Mind

Finishing a book is process that many people don’t seem to full grasp. Hours of time along with blood, sweat, tears, and so much more are added into a potion whereas the writer is hoping to brew that next great story.


Countless people partake in this process, giving up their own time to scribble down a story that has been racking inside of their brain. A story that can be full of love and laughter, and even some so dark and twisted that most are afraid to even glance at the cover.


I myself have been through the grueling process, completing my second novel just last weekend. And I just want to say that the process doesn’t get easier.


I know what you’re all thinking….


What? Writing is just putting words to paper.


I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not. Writing is much more complicated than that ladies and gentlemen. No writer can even grasp the writing process because it changes all the time. It’s a complete gray area that sends you down rabbit holes of allusion and into castles with moving staircases hiding secrets and lies behind many doors. Some writers are even afraid to open the scary doors. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve all seen the scary movies where the person opens the door and well, you know the rest.


I think many people don’t realize the mentality that takes a toll on writers. All of whom create a new and magical world with characters that blow every readers mind. It’s a lot for someone to not go insane. And if they do, well welcome to wonderland.


Everyone doesn’t realize the strength and courage it takes to let someone read this unimaginable story inside you mind. It’s a very vulnerable state that all people want to hide, myself included.


So why am I droning on about this?


Well, I’m glad you asked…


The next time you pick up a book to read. Or the next time you glance toward a book, I challenge you to stop and just admire all the work that went into the book. I want you to visualize the long nights of working, the many days of revisions and breakdowns as well as losing sleep and even friends. Just take a moment and really dive into the writers mind. Because once you do, you’ll never be the same.



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