Two Queens

The one thing that I love about reading, is the ability of words to transport you to a new and extravagant world. A place where dreams and vivid imaginations are free to roam, wrapping up all in a world of laughter and joy.


I also love being able to get advance copies of new books coming out this year, and I am so fortunate enough to be able to tell you about this new adventure that is going to shake things up for the Young Adult Fantasy world.


Imagine a world where a forgotten queen is hidden from plain sight. A queen whose father is determined to save her by hiding the power lying within her. The power that will not only destroy her, but also destroy the world. Rielle must not only prove to the King that she can control her powers, but she must also prove to herself that she can trust herself. Even if it means facing the mistakes of her past.


A thousand years later, the terrible reign of the Sun Queen is just a story people tell their children, until the stories hit Eliana right in her face. Her entire life she has worked as an assassin, hunting the life of others for payment to keep her family alive. When her mother goes missing, Eliana must make the choice of trusting a new stranger who goes by the name Wolf, escaping with him and her little brother. But Eliana learns that she isn’t the only one hiding secrets. The Wolf has ones of his own… Including ones about her own past.


The character that stood out to me in this book was Rielle. Her emotions and integrity to prove herself is the perfect example of hero. She does as she told, but never lets it beat her down, always sneaking off to have her own fun. Her quick wit and training is the true key to her character and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in future installments. This is only book one In the Empirium Trilogy.


This book is bound to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as each chapter goes back and forth between the two queens. Queens that have the power to save their world. Each a 1000 years apart. One connection that will tie them together.


Author Claire Legrand makes her voice heard with two strong women in the book Furyborn. The creation and building of the two worlds was masterful and so engaging, readers will truly want to run away to Celdaria. Be on the lookout for this book in May 2018.






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