Game Night! Movie Goes First!

Alright, now I can’t be the only one excited about a movie featuring a live version of all the board games we grew up playing. That’s right! Hollywood finally put something together, turning a movie into a combination Monopoly, the Game of Life, Risk, Clue, and so many more. I was literally jumping in my seat.


And boy! This movie did not disappoint. It was full of comedy, action, adventure, and even some love. But overall it was a great movie! A must see!


Rachel McAdam and Jason Bateman star as Annie and Max, husband and wife, who are obsessed with games. Competition burns in their blood making them the ultimate team that no one can beat. #GAMECOUPLE  The couple holds a ritual game night every week until Max’s younger brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) shows up making the sibling rivalry between him and Max boil. Brooks hijacks game night from his brother forcing the players to get off the board and play game night in real life. Although, this twist turns into another twist taking game night to another level no player will ever forget. This movie has comedic action, taking viewers on the twist and turns of everything possible. You won’t see anything coming…



I highly suggest this movie to anyone looking for a great laugh! But this movie is rated R, so only people 17 years old and older.


So, let’s just take a minute and be honest. We all played board games, card games, and yes even mancala. Now, I challenge you to list your favorite game you grew up playing in the comments below.


Hope you enjoyed this review!




My all-time favorite was Clue!!!

I mean who doesn’t love solving murders!!

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