Last Call Pitches

So I know this review is long overdue… But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it!!!


If you know me personally, then you would know that Pitch Perfect is absolutely my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! That’s right! It has comedy, singing, girl power, and last but no least FAT AMY!!!


This movie franchise will go down in history as one of the best musical themed movies starring incredible kickass women. I will never tire of watching the movies over and over again, while I’m horizontal running.


But Pitch Perfect 3 is the sad conclusion for all the Bellas we have come to love (insert sobbing and crying uncontrollably). And writers did not hold back. The movie begins with the girls current job situations after graduating from Barden University, and how they’re moving on from being the World Champion acapella singing group. When a reunion show turns out to be just a lousy way of saying watch the new Bellas sing (which the new Bellas need to get out of my life. Just saying.) The women decide to reunite for a farewell performance overseas for the U.S. troops.


During the tour, the Bellas learn more about their life decisions and even deal with major competition. Yes, that means the Bellas lost another rip off. But through it all they all grow closer setting new goals for the future, while some have secrets of the past busting out of nowhere and will pitch slap you so hard, your jaw will drop.


I can’t imagine a perfect way to end this journey we all been on!!


The movie will pull at your heartstrings and leave you wanting more!!!


Thank you Bellas for showing us what girl power stands for, and the true artwork of acapella singing!!!!

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