Children of Blood and Bone

Hello, cyber world! I’m back and feeling better than ever. This past month has been so chaotic, but I’ve managed to find time to write some reviews on amazing reads so far this year!


So, let’s get started!


The most anticipated read of 2018 belonged to Children of Blood and Bone written by the amazing Tomi Adeyemi! Since 2017, this book has been on readers and authors TBR list (TBR stands for To Be Read; reader slang). In simple non-reader words, a person may describe this as Black Panther in the literary world. On the other hand, readers would describe it as a new diverse voice taking readers through a world of trials, heartbreak, betrayal, courage and forgiveness.


Basically, like any other day in the Young Adult World, except in this one you can ride a lionaire!


The story follows a young woman named Zélie who must bring magic back to the land known as Orïsha. A place where maji clans were blessed with abilities from the gods and goddesses where reapers, seers, lighters, tiders, and many other majis helped heal a world that hummed with magic. However, a ruthless King took it all away with one simple command, including Zèlie’s own mother. Since then, the land is no longer touched by the gods. Instead, its haunted from the massacre of past majis, until Zèlie is sent on a journey to bring back magic, and reunite the clans to fight against the monarch. This adventure is full of twist and turns forcing all readers to expect the unexpected.


Personally, I was transported to the Orïsha within the first chapter. The book’s narratives of different characters allowed me a chance to really understand both sides on the battle at hand. It also helped me discover each’s character’s own voice, showing the different perspectives in the land of Orïsha. The first half of the books was stunning! There was battle, kickass female girl power, and magic that none have ever seen before! Although, as the story concluded, many characters became unsure of themselves, doubting their past actions to a point where I was really questioning what the characters hopes and dreams were for this book. The uncertainty of the characters’ voices left too many plot holes, ending in a poor conclusion in the first book of the series.


I rate it a 3 out of 5, judging it by seeing so much character development and creativity in the first half of the book, and then watching the second half be undercooked. There were too many questioning events and characters’ determinations that caused me to really lose the hype that everyone was talking about.


Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Adeyem’s creativity and writing development! Her ability and drive to create a world unlike our own is truly remarkable. And I’m also a big fan of mythology and she threw some amazing Nigerian culture that I LOVED!!!!! And I will most likely read her future works, but for me, she just didn’t end Children of Blood and Bone with a big BANG! It started with a BANG, but somehow just went bam. But no matter what, I know that she can deliver in her next book!


And if you haven’t had the opportunity, go take the quiz and see what clan you belong too!!! I’m a HEALER!!!! If you belong to the Ìwòsàn, give me a shout out!!!




Be on the lookout for the next review, where I’ll dive into Veronica Roth’s new book The Fates Divide. See you soon!

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