Fate of Deception

Hello Readers!


I hope everyone’s summer is going well, and you’re tackling your reading list like a champ!!!


This summer has been filled with so many books that my TBR (To Be Read) list is about a mile long. Between that, finishing edits of my new novel (which I’ll be announcing soon!), and getting some reviews done, please note that I hadn’t left you lovely people. Its just been crazy trying to get all of the things done on the checklist. But anyways, let’s get started!!!


Veronica Roth was a breakout author when she released the Divergent book series!!! It captured the heart of the world consisting of three full length novels, one book full of novellas, and an epilogue that we’ve been waiting for!!! Since then, she has come back strong like Darth Vador and literally captured the attention of readers around the world by creating not a new world, but a new universe!!!


The Fates Divide is the second book in Carve the Mark Series! It follows Akos and Cyra as they continue their journey of discovering who they’re truly are in the world. Each character found respect, love, and sacrifice in one another in the first book, but soon it all came crashing down like all good books do (thanks Roth…). Together, they must work together to help divert the fate that was spoken when they were children, battling obstacles placed before them.


Roth did not disappoint in this duology and conclusion to the series. Her creativity and inspiration for this story is unforgettable. Her ability to create an entire universe of diverse beings is out of our own universe. And of course she wouldn’t be Roth without sending readers down a dark and haunting hallway with a page turning twist no one saw coming!!!


Like seriously, imagine the end of Allegiant times 1000.






Cyra and Akos being switched at birth is the key to the brokenness inside them. It also shows how redeeming their character qualities are by choosing forgiveness, instead of harboring at past mistakes, by choosing their own fates.


Even after reading the book, my mind still can’t handle the comprehension. Mindblown doesn’t even begin to explain it.



Check out the book in your local library, or purchase in at amazon!!!


But be sure to read book one Carve the Mark!!!! You’ll be lost if you don’t!!!



Be on the lookout for more reviews!!! And major announcements that will blow your universe!!!

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