A Hero’s Journey

This year, I decided to subscribe to the Uppercase Book Company. Basically, every month you pay a standard fee and receive a new book, Young Adult genre, along with some other cool book accessories. (So far, I’ve received so many bookish things, but my favorite is this amazing reading journal I got!!! It’s amazing!!! You’ll love it!!! Be Jealous!!!). I was so excited to see what my first book would be and I was literally blown away!!!


The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross was an amazing world to experience as a reader. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, forcing myself to finish it in one night (#noregrets). This fantasy tale follows Brienna who must master her passion of knowledge and be chosen by a patron before her time at school ends. When things don’t go her way, she feels lost and unworthy to continue her passion training until her journey takes a twisted path.


Instead of memorizing accounts of history and lineage, she soon spends her days caught in a war between two kingdoms. After learning that she not only has visions to help stop the battles, she must decide where she falls on the battle line. Will she return to the land and heritage abandoned her? Or will she help crown the kingdom with the rightful queen?


This strong heroine is an unforgettable person that will inspire girls for future generations. Brienna’s determination and courage is truly inspirational, especially her willingness to sacrifice everything, including herself, to do what’s right!!!


Check your local libraries or click the link here to get your copy today!!!



I hope you love this enchanting story!!!



Comment below if there is any books you want me to check out!!!

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