Shadow of the Fox

One thing that I love about authors, is how they incorporate different legends and mythology around the world. There is something about heroes, gods, and goddesses that makes my reading heart leap for joy. My all time favorite mythological creature, spirit, or whatever you want to call it does in fact come from the Japanese culture.

It’s the Kitsune!!!

For those who don’t know, kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. And they derive from many Japanese folklores. Some see them as helpful messengers, while others view them as a trickster spirit. Basically, they’re somewhat of a Loki.

Although in my opinion, the kitsune remind me of Switzerland. They always seem to remain neutral when a war, or conflict is at hand, helping when they like too. Also, I do love someone who enjoys pranking others in a friendly way.

But anyways, when I learned that Julie Kagawa was publishing a story where the main character is in fact a Kitsune, I was fangirling so hard!!!

Shadow of the Fox, captured my heart within the first chapter, taking me on a journey which included falling in love with a characters (who I thought) was going to be the main protagonist. Although I was in tears when I learned it Suki wasn’t meant to be the character, or hero in the book.

However, I was then introduced to Yumeko, a fun loving girl who loves the thrill and heart of the pranks she pulls on the Monks who has raised her since she was left there as a child. Her kitsune powers is something she struggles to embrace the humanity she longs to be, while hiding the fox like powers within. Her favorite mentor/monk (father figure) Master Isao helps her on this journey, reminding her to stay true to herself.

Afraid of letting the fox take over, she sneaks out of the temple and into the forest hoping for a sign to help her fight the conflict between the fox and her humanity, she comes back to the temple to learn that an Oni and his demon minions are destroying her hope.

Looking for Master Isao, she finds him where he gives her the final task in her training. She must deliver one part of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers and warn the monks of the Steel Feather Temple. After a tearful goodbye, she leaves the home she’s ever known and runs into Tatsumi, a Kage samurai with secrets of his own.

The one thing I loved about this book was the character development. Kagawa created characters that each had battles with the inner demon and yet she woven them into the overall story. She also left me hanging with major cliff hanger that I didn’t see coming. Yumeko’s sweet and caring soul is proof that even a kitsune can look past hate and spread kindness and love in the world!

If any of you have seen Teen Wolf and witnessed the Kitsune in Kira, you won’t want to miss this amazing read!!! This book is filled with adventure, soul, and samurais!!! Freaking samurais!!!

Be on the lookout for this book on OCTOBER 2, 2018!!!

What’s your favorite mythology???




Let me know what your favorite mythology is in the comments below!!!

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