The Wicked King

Okay, so if you have seen any of my recent posts, you would know that my awesome and amazing librarian was able to snag a copy of probably the next book of the year!! Yes!! That’s right!!! I just got done reading The Wicked King by Holly Black!!!!




Be jealous fellow readers!!!


I literally like cried for an hour before opening the pages because if you’ve read the first book in this amazing series (The Cruel Prince). Then you would know the sorrow and grief every reader was feeling at the end of the novel. So, before I go into The Wicked King lets do a recap on book one.


So literally Holly Black is queen of the fairies!!! She takes us to another realm and describes things that I can’t even possibly imagine. Its like literally going into a Disney themed store with a special kind of alluring darkness that’ll pop out and hold you captive. In other words, basically you won’t be rescued and die of heartbreak. Anyways, the end of book one was like being punched in the heart over and over again. Just when I though Jude was going to find love and have a place in the fairy world, Locke doesn’t truly love her, Madoc is planning on running the kingdom, Dain betrays her, Cardan hates her guts but also wants to kiss her, and Taryn (her twin sister) played her like a fiddle and literally broke girl code in every way possible. Yeah, there were some issues that would like mentally break a person. Also, I would just like to clarify that Taryn and Locke need to be punched in the face, and let the crows or some other evil fair creature rip their hearts into shreds.


Okay….. I feel so much better saying that. #TeamJude


However, Jude overcomes it all like the badass she is and like takes control of the whole fairy kingdom with Cardon (the one who tortured her yet loves her but won’t admit it) under her control. #Judeforlife




So, book two picks up about five months later, and Jude is the new Leader of the Court of Shadows, as well as the King’s (Cardan) new seneschal. This new form of leadership/control is exactly what Jude has been striving for her entire life, especially watching the look on her father’s face. But this job becomes more than she can physically handle. She is losing sleep, she can’t trust anyone. And she hasn’t spoken to Taryn since the murder blood bath of crowning Cardan king. And I don’t blame her. I would be like taking an arrow and staking my twin in the heart if she did something like that.


Still, Jude must learn to work her way through the fairy politics in this sequel, and it becomes even harder to protect Cardan (in order to protect Oak) when it is revealed that there is a traitor among her spies. Black didn’t hold back when it came to character development. Everyone thinks Jude had it hard in the first book, Just wait until you read this dark shark of a book. There traitors, blood, and the introduction to the dark creatures hiding in the sea below! That’s right readers!!! Black takes us under the sea!!! I can’t wait until readers inter this new realm in the fairy world!!!


So, I won’t say anything further, due to spoilers and “oh my” moments that will blow your socks off.




If you thought book one had plot twists…. It gets even worse in book two….


One event will change the future of everything!!!!

Be on the lookout for this dark crystal of a book in January 2019!

I CANNOT wait until book three to see what happens next!!!!!




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