Series Ending

Hey readers! I hope everyone is having great holiday fun! Go and enjoy those candy canes, cookies, and hot chocolate!!

The holidays always make me think back to the past year, and remember all the amazing adventures I’ve been on. This year was one that involved many heartbreaking moments and zillions of tears shed as some of my favorite characters are now moving on to their new lives. However, I was also introduced to some new and exciting ones as well, making me realize that no matter when a book series ends, a new one will begin.

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2018 was a year of beginnings and endings for my book world. Books series that brought joy and love to my literature world had been completed. It almost seemed like my life was officially ending.

The first book series that broke my heart was none other than the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. War Storm was a dramatic and action lit book that took Mare on a roller coaster of emotions. (Just so you know, I’m still no over the death of Shade.) But no matter what came her way, Mare was able to overcome and sacrifice anything to save her family and friends from the greatest villain of all time. Now for those who haven’t read the series, I recommend that you take some time before to really decide whether or not you want to embark on a quest that will ultimately destroy your heart and soul. Aveyard created one of the most antagonizing and intellectual characters featured on the dark side. Maven, the antagonist, was the inspiration to many of my own villains I dreamed up, and reminded me of none other than the Joker from Batman. This series ended with a bang and showed that no matter what happens, everyone is meant to be equal.

Veronica Ross made the top list of taking a book and twisting the plot so that readers literally have no idea what’s happening. Her conclusion, The Fates Divide, showed her creative strength of building an entire alien universe that made me want to fly up toward the stars and never return. I was so sad to see this series as a duology, wanting more of Cyra and Akos. However, Roth is known as being the toughest and most brutal writer in centuries (Just read the end of Allegient.) The twist in this series gave me a heart attack! I couldn’t believe the words that I read, requiring me to read it more than once- 38 times to be exact. I will forever be a fan of Roth’s as she dives into more writing and will always be waiting for her new books with a crash cart nearby.

One of the most talked books that made its way in 2018, and literally didn’t debut until just this month. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare, was a massive weight of a book (And I don’t mean just the weight.) Lord of Shadows, the second book of the dark artifices series, ended with a heartbreaking loss of Livia Blackhorn. The final book in the trilogy opens up just after the chaos and takes readers down the road of grief and brokenness. Splitting it into three parts, the book wraps up all the characters story lines, including the dreaded parabatai curse that was plagued by the two main characters, Julian and Emma. I’ll forever miss this family and the epic adventures and diversity I learned about the shadowhunters, faeries, and other downworlders. Readers will even see some old faces, including a lovely story in the end about Jace and Clary. Although, Clare ends this series with shocking news, and uses it to create a new series for the shadowhunter world, displaying to readers that Clare isn’t done with the shadow world yet. I can’t wait to see the next series to the dark artifices. Hopefully, it will star Ty and Kit! And I would love to learn more about Ash!!! (Read to find out who he is.)

And finally, the book that made me cry for weeks on end after I forced myself to finish it belongs to Sarah J. Maas and her amazing ending to her Throne of Glass series. Kingdom of Ash took me to a new world in the Young Adult world. It took Alein and her companions on an adventure that only could be summed up as “remarkable.” I still can’t believe that this series is over, and will forever hold it in my heart as it gave me the inspiration to write more about unknown dimensions! Alein had already sacrificed so much for her kingdom and she does it even more when she is captured by the wicked Valg Queen. Spending three months in an iron coffin, she escapes and finds her mate and husband Rowan, who travels with her back to Terrasen. Revelations and lost history are revealed, ending this book just twenty pages below 1,000. Maas put her heart and soul into this world, and it was a blessing to be able to experience an ending beyond expectations. I remember picking up this book in 2012 and falling in love with a world that I want to travel too. A world full of darkness, yet relies on the hope of the people and the fey. Please, please take a chance and dive into this book series. I promise you won’t regret it!

As you can tell, these were only a select few of many wonderful series that concluded in 2018. Even though we say goodbye to these wonderful series, we are introduced to new and inspiring writers and stories, including Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone and Rebecca Ross’s The Queen’s Rising. These new books will take you on a whirlwind of adventure, inviting you back for their sequels coming in 2019!

So readers, as you think back on your year, remember all the books and authors that helped you escape the chaotic reality. Use this time to spark the passions hiding deep inside you! And never forget to reach for the stars and fly beyond them.

2019 is going to be grand!

Merry Christmas to all!

Happy New Years!

And I’ll see you next year!

P.S.: Click the links to get your own copies on amazon!

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