Exciting Days

So I know I mentioned that my last post of 2018 would be like three posts ago…

However, I woke up today to some exciting news that I couldn’t wait to share. Many people don’t realize how long I’d been writing. I wrote my first story in the 6th grade, following a group of farm animals and their wacky adventures. Two of them are published, while I have many hidden away, too scared to share them with the world.

I decided to be more courageous this year, and submit a couple of short stories to some online literary websites, and magically one of them was accepted and featured online!!!

Thank you so much Short Kid Stories!!!

I am so excited, grateful, blessed, and speechless for this opportunity!! I really cannot thank all my supporters, and God for this amazing and wonderful chance to share my stories with the world!

So without further ado… Check out Trip to Ancient Egypt!

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