A Tough Choice

Many people don’t see the struggles of a writer. They don’t see the constant rejections, working more than one job, or the bitter doubt that surrounds them. Some days are good, while others live in the darkness

2018 was a real wake year for me. It was the year that I completed my second Young adult novel, and also the year that worked towards a manuscript that broke me during the writing process. I had no success when editing, using 9 months of it to realize that I was forcing the story. I was writing something that didn’t need to be told. I created characters and relationships inside my mind that I thought were brilliant. Although, it turned out that I was wrong.

2019 was supposed to be the year I saw relief and hope as I planned to publish my new title. Unfortunately, after careful consideration I decided to put away the manuscript. The story and characters deserve much better than I could give. They deserve a story that takes readers to a new place, where they can learn more about the crazy life we call reality.

After reviewing the story, it made me realize that my own writing wasn’t meant to be shared with the world. I’ve given a lot of thought on the subject, spending many nights in tears and horror as I thought of giving up the chance of a writing career. It seems crazy right now as I type this, but sometimes life knock the feet right out of you.

I believe that each person was given a talent in this world, and for 25 years I’ve been searching and waiting, only to discover that I haven’t found it. I have a passion for literature and writing, but believe that my talent lies elsewhere in the world.

So I’ll be using my skills to provide the best type book reviews with you all, hoping to send you down a path of love and respect for literature.

And even though this is goodbye to the writing world for now, I just want to thank each and every person for their love and support in the world. I am so grateful for every would that has given me this opportunity.

I’ll be using this new and exciting year to take a step back and focus on my love for reading and writing, which I lost in the past 4 years.

Once again, thank you all so much! And I wish you all luck in your passions!


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