The Blood Spell

Asyou can tell, my goals for keeping you updated on my blog with reviews on booksand other writing catastrophes is basically gone. To be honest, I’m failing atlife as well as keeping you informed with the new stories making their marks onthe world of readers.

I’mso sorry!!

Butdon’t be mad.  I don’t need your judgment!

Butin truth, I’ve been going through some health problems, mentally and physically.

Nowenough about me. Today I’m going to talk about one book that’s been on my TBR(to be read) list. C.J. Redwine is back with another book in her Ravenspireseries. If you haven’t read these books, stop reading. I repeat! STOP READINGAND GO BUY THR FIRST BOOK The ShadowQueen AND LET YOUR HEART BE FILLED WITH JOY!

Anyways,Redwine takes her love of classic fairy tales and twist them into darkdeceptive stories for the Young Adult world.

The Blood Spell is a retelling ofCinderella, introducing readers to the amazing, wonderful, fantastic,intellectual, inspiring Blue de la Cour. She is an alchemist, who secretly hasfairy magic. Now before I go any farther, if you haven’t read it yet, theremight be spoilers. I’ll limit as much as I can, but there is no guarantee.

Soin the beginning of the book, Redwine describes the how a blood wraith used toplague lands of Balavanta. It would murder children left and right, leaving thestreets stained with blood. However, Blue’s mother was able to trap it with thehelp of another witch and saved the land.

Manyyears later, readers discover the same thing happening all over again. Bluediscovers children are going missing, as well as the return of Prince Kellan,the boy she always disliked. They grew up together, the King and Blue’s fatherbeing best friends, and she unfortunately had the task of watching his crazyantics. She discovers his return in a street fight and persuades him to stopand think of the Nessa and his mother.

Bluetries to help figure out a solution, but is blindsided when her father is mysteriouslymurdered. She is then put under the guardianship of Dinah Chauveau, a socialelite who cares for nothing but power. The horrible woman forced Blue down tothe root cellar, the place where Blue watched her mother die.

However,Blue discovers that Dinah was the one behind her father’s murders and figuresout that Dinah is the one trying to free the wraith. Dinah murdered multiplechildren and reveals her identity as the other half of the blood wraith. Can bluestop her? Will she marry Kellan?

Goread to find out!

Nowthis review was filled with so much plot that it took  me forever to write it. First you have Bluetrying to turn lead into gold to help the homeless children, Blue and Kellan’slove/hate and undeniable chemistry, the murders, the blood wraith, and so muchmore.

WhatI truly loved about this book was the characters growth. Redwine creates astrong and fierce heroine in Blue with an African American Background. The princess,Nessa, is mute and communicates through sign language. I mean there is so much strongrepresentation of voices in this Young Adult fantasy for everyone to love!

Ican’t wait to see what is next in Redwine’s Ravenspire series!

Well,that’s all for now, but be on the look out for another post coming soon!


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