The Two Mozarts


A name that is remembered as being one of the top composers the world had ever seen.

But the single name does not define the two individuals that perfected and showed the world a quality of music that changed lives.

Marie Lu introduces the Mozart family in her first work of historical fiction, depicting the life of one Mozart that was hidden from the limelight. A woman so genius and strong that stepped aside when her father commanded.

Nannerl Mozart, the equally talented composer, mostly known as being Mozart’s older sister. In The Kingdom of Back, Lu takes readers deep into the world of music. She takes readers back to the age the Mozart siblings toured the entire European continent, playing for the royalty of all many nations. She uses Nannerl’s voice to bring readers into her magical world she created a fantasy kingdom that needed her. One she wished reflected the real world. However, during her time, women were not allowed to compose. They were forbidden to do such a thing, however, with the help of her younger brother, Nannerl secretly composes her passion to hopefully share with the world. Although, as time wears on, she learns that her talent will never be appreciated at her brother, leading her to make a bargain with a mysterious boy named Hyacinth. Her father made it perfectly clear that she will only perform until she reaches marriageable age. Then Hyacinth, the mysterious boy from the Kingdom of Back, promises to give her everything she desires. But at the cost of loved ones.

The craftmanship of writing Lu brings to readers was unforgettable. The imagery appears like notes as Lu describes the passion within each piece. The determination to fight for her dreams is the inspiration that all truly need to witness. It’s admiral as Nannerl embarks on a journey to truly find herself in a world of traditions. I feel so honored and blessed to even read this piece of work as it is Marie Lu’s best book to date! Lu’s heart and soul are poured into the characterization as she accomplished to capture the heart and spirit Nannerl had within. No matter what the future lies ahead. Two things are for sure:

  1. Nannerl Mozart will never be forgotten.
  2. Marie Lu will never be forgotten.

So go on Nannerl’s around the world! Dream! Live! And share your heart and passion with the world!

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