The Great Slytherin Love Story

I surprisingly made two blog posts on a schedule!!! I know that many of you may think I’m insane. HOWEVER, this is a huge win for me! Especially since I plan to make more in hopes of sharing some amazing stories that are in the world!

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started!!!

So, fantastic news…

Now before I begin, lets just all admit that we love a good Slytherin. Yes, I’m calling out every single person in the world that has watched, read, and breathed anything Harry Potter. We love that ambitious and clever individual that has plans A through Z ready to get out of any situation. And finally, after years of hoping Tricia Levenseller has graciously gifted us with the amazing book The Shadows Between Us.

Levenseller creates a kick ass feminist character in Alessandra Stathos. This young woman is the true definition of female empowerment as she battles the rules of being second best at everything. She’s the second best daughter. The second best choice. Until, she takes matters in her own hands. After giving her heart to Hector, her first love who ended up rejecting her, she cures her heartbreak with something greater than love.


It’s at that moment, Alessandra decides to do three things to help the women in the kingdom.

Seduce the Shadow King

Marry the Shadow King

Then kill him and take his kingdom

Alessandra sends her plans into motion, taking each step with much caution. Everything is good until she realizes that Kallias, the Shadow King, just like her. And to top it off, Alessandra isn’t the only one trying to kill him. But can she follow her plan? Or will her heart lead her astray again?

Sorry, but you’ll have to find out by reading it!

I’ll try to limit as many spoilers as possible, but the development of Alessandra is what really stood out to me. Levenseller pulls readers in to a dark side that makes you wish for Alessandra to succeed. She doesn’t try to pull at the emotional darkness from Alessandra’s past. Instead, Levenseller directs the change in Alessandra in the present time by showing her as a rebellious and caring person all Slytherins are to be. The chemistry between Alessandra and Kallias is a hot ambitious mystery as they both know they cannot truly love one another without sacrificing the true love to themselves.

I hope everyone has a chance to dive into the shadows and see what lies in store for these characters! This is a five star book that is hopefully going to be a sequel! I would love to see more adventures between these two.

And with that, I must bid you farewell until next time!

And make sure you subscribe because the next book is going to be AMAZING! We will be traveling back to a time of great sorrow, where a girl on fire inspired a rebellion like no other.

We are returning to Panem readers!

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

                                                          -Suzanne Collins

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