I’m Back!!!

So, let’s just say it’s been awhile….


Now I know what your all thinking.


Where the heck has Kylan been?


Well don’t worry. I am still alive, drowning in the depths of grad school, life, books, and countless other things added to my list. But I am going to try and make an effort to post at least one blog a month. That way I don’t just ghost out or anything like I did these past months. My bad…


Since the last post, life has not bothered to slow down one second. Every day it feels like I’m adding more and more to my list of things to do. It’s crazy how busy life can be at times. I don’t have time to watch my tv shows, read more books, or even write every day like I want. Although, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sneaking around and having some great writing sessions at 1 or 3 in the morning.


I am so excited for 2018 to be over with. This has probably been one of the toughest years of my life. Just going through the daily struggles of life, mentally and physically. It seems that some Slytherin has made its way into my Ravenclaw heart. But its expected when things don’t work out the way you plan. And when my plans get wrecked, everything else seems to burst into flames. I was hoping to have my new book out in the summer of 2018. I even posted a tribute back in the spring about it. As you can tell, it didn’t happen…


Deadlines weren’t met. I kept pushing it off. The editing process of this book literally killed me and my editor. (The book was also a pain to write too.)


I do want to thank you for your patience. Your support wouldn’t be possible without each one of you! With that being said, I am glad to inform you that my new book is in the final stages! I have the first printed copy and I am currently going through it one last time before I send it in the world. Before I release the title and cover, I want everyone to know how special this book is to me. I’ve been working on it since 2014. It was one of my very first novel ideas and I’ve written about 5-10 different manuscript versions of it. Most of them ended up on the floor, but it wasn’t until September 2017-Feburary 2018 did this book finally come together. I was able to write about one chapter a week, and create loving characters and a fantastic world that I hope the readers will love! Every journey with a story is always precious. There are some that are still waiting to be written, and I am so glad that this one is finally being told.


So without further ado, here the title and cover of my new adventure!

Curse of the Oak Ebook (1).jpg





Official Release Date Coming Soon!!!



Catwoman: Soulstealer

Okay, so my constant absence has been due to Grad School, which is going great!!! However, its been taking a huge amount of my time, preventing me from posting more reviews and blogs.

With that being said, here is the review of Sarah J. Maas’s new book Catwoman: Soulstealer!!!!


This is the third book in the DC Icons Young Adult series!!!

I’ll try to post more as soon as I can readers!!!


Sarah J. Maas uses her writing talent to create a story featuring one of the most slender and striking character to haunt the alleys of Gotham. Her catlike agility plus her claws and bull whip doesn’t slow down Selina Kyle’s passion of helping the poor and weak against Gotham’s viscous and alarming criminals. Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sara J. Maas is a Young Adult novel about 17-year-old Selina Kyle and her journey of becoming Catwoman. Maas takes the readers back to the beginning showing how strong the woman in black is by focusing on how much sacrifice it takes to walk the streets of Gotham.

The story is separated into two parts, beginning with Selina Kyle and her adventures in Gotham before she become Catwoman. She is working for Carmine Falcone as one of his fighting leopards, doing everything she can to put food on the table. Her mother is a no-good drunk, forcing Selina to care for her little sister Maggie who has a severe case of cystic fibrosis. Working for Falcone, Selina must endure match after match proving her work, loyalty, as well as money to pay for the debt of medical cost piling up. After going twenty-seven rounds undefeated, her reign comes to an end when she loses a fight that cost her everything. Gotham City’s child services show up at her apartment with the police, ready to take the two sisters into custody, but Selina’s instinct in the ring sprawls into action, sending the cops to the ground. She is later escorted to the police station where she meets Talia al Ghūl, who offers her a chance to leave Gotham City and her past behind. Considering her options, Selina ultimately decides to leave, sacrificing everything she’s ever worked for in order that Maggie is given a home away from the criminal tirade of gangs and violence. With no goodbye, Selina departs that night on the plane, leaving her past behind her.

Two years later, Selina returns to Gotham under the alias of Holly Vanderhees, ready to bring the high society of Gotham to their knees. After training for two years at the League of Assassins, she begins stealing priceless jewels and artwork, drawing the attention of other female fatales including, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Bribing the two women with jewels and riches, the trio begin working together, using their wits and talents to rob Gotham’s finest, until they draw the attention of Batwing, or known to the public as Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises CEO. Although, Selina’s intellect already knows who the masked crusader is, and learns more of the past veteran and his sacrifice in the Marines resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that haunts him every time he closes his eyes. Batwing is determined to catch Catwoman, but she is always one step ahead of him, until the League of Assassins sends their best, Tigris, to put Selina to the test after she stole valuable information about the Lazarus Pit. Just as Batwing unmasks Catwoman, he is shocked to find Holly Vanderhees, his neighbor and lover for the past weeks. The one who has spent countless nights nursing his wounds mentally and physically. When the League of Assassins return for a second time to Arkham Asylum to mark Selina for death, the Joker comes to her rescue, whom Selina has been secretly working with to help handle the League while she goes and creates the Lazarus Pit to save her sister’s life. Batwing comes to the realization of who Holly Vanderhees is and allows her enough time to save her sister’s life, sacrificing his relationship with Batman and the rest of GCPD. In the end, Selina accomplishes everything she sets out to do, using the money from the priceless jewels to pay off her sister’s debt and establish a college fund for her in the future, but most of all, curing Maggie of cystic fibrosis. Together, Luck and Selina make a new beginning in Gotham, knowing their sacrifice will help save the future of the city.

Maas uses first person present to tell this epic story, switching between the characters of Selina Kyle and Luke Fox. She alternates chapters in order for the reader learn more about the characters and their past that includes the League of Assassins training for Selina and the war scars for Luke. The difference between the two characters his how they leave Gotham and then return to the dark city. For example, Selina Kyle leave Gotham City as a broken and battered girl who let the criminals of Gotham second guess her every move. She left as a failure, unable to care for herself and Maggie. Although, when she returns, Selina is not the little girl waiting for another fight to put food on the table. Instead, she is a graceful and articulate woman, using her new skills to show Gotham how strong she has become, ready to take on the whole city.

Nevertheless, Luke has a different journey in Gotham. He leaves the city where he was the top bat of the cave. His whole life has been about the high social elite, until he leaves the city for war. He wants to prove his worth to his parents and the city after becoming lost in the high social framework of the rich. Although when Luke returns, he is broken and abused from the war. He is diagnosed with PTSD as a result from the images and friends he couldn’t save. He uses professional boxing as his only way to escape the dark images, taking each blow as punishment.

However, Maas brings these two characters together, and others, through the theme of sacrifice. Selina sacrifices her freedom and chance for a future by going to the League of Assassins. She does this with pride, knowing her sister will finally be safe with a loving home, knowing she may never see Maggie again. And she does it again, when she returns to Gotham and plays all kinds of games with all of Gotham’s malicious criminals, while waiting for the League to hunt her down after stealing their precious formula for creating the Lazarus Pit. Then Luke shows his sacrifice by putting on his identity of Batwing, knowing that each night he’s out fighting crime may be his last. He knows that this extra-curricular activity could also make his PTSD more unstable. However, his joy for helping Gotham stay safe, is his focus and primary concern that pushes back his worries and fears.

Finally, there is Poison Ivy, a character who made her way into the novel with all means necessary. Her passion and love for botany is the sacrifice she offers after becoming a human experiment by force. The future of plant science and personal love was casted aside after an experiment gone wrong, leaving her alone and dejected. She sacrifices her love for a better future by determined to inform the people of Gotham the ways of a better environment that plants and people can enjoy together.

Sarah J. Maas takes readers on a trek into the emotional minds of characters, focusing on their weaknesses and strengths resulting in their sacrifices for a better future. Her characterization and story plot of Selina Kyle makes readers question whether Catwoman is a hero or villain. I believe that her goal of the story was to reinforce the ideas of female fatales that was greatly used in the past and introduce it to a new generation of literature lovers to discover how much they are willing to sacrifice for their own loved ones. Selina Kyle is a heroine for all to look up to, especially the ones who dig deep in their soul to help make their city and world a better place.

The Wicked King

Okay, so if you have seen any of my recent posts, you would know that my awesome and amazing librarian was able to snag a copy of probably the next book of the year!! Yes!! That’s right!!! I just got done reading The Wicked King by Holly Black!!!!




Be jealous fellow readers!!!


I literally like cried for an hour before opening the pages because if you’ve read the first book in this amazing series (The Cruel Prince). Then you would know the sorrow and grief every reader was feeling at the end of the novel. So, before I go into The Wicked King lets do a recap on book one.


So literally Holly Black is queen of the fairies!!! She takes us to another realm and describes things that I can’t even possibly imagine. Its like literally going into a Disney themed store with a special kind of alluring darkness that’ll pop out and hold you captive. In other words, basically you won’t be rescued and die of heartbreak. Anyways, the end of book one was like being punched in the heart over and over again. Just when I though Jude was going to find love and have a place in the fairy world, Locke doesn’t truly love her, Madoc is planning on running the kingdom, Dain betrays her, Cardan hates her guts but also wants to kiss her, and Taryn (her twin sister) played her like a fiddle and literally broke girl code in every way possible. Yeah, there were some issues that would like mentally break a person. Also, I would just like to clarify that Taryn and Locke need to be punched in the face, and let the crows or some other evil fair creature rip their hearts into shreds.


Okay….. I feel so much better saying that. #TeamJude


However, Jude overcomes it all like the badass she is and like takes control of the whole fairy kingdom with Cardon (the one who tortured her yet loves her but won’t admit it) under her control. #Judeforlife




So, book two picks up about five months later, and Jude is the new Leader of the Court of Shadows, as well as the King’s (Cardan) new seneschal. This new form of leadership/control is exactly what Jude has been striving for her entire life, especially watching the look on her father’s face. But this job becomes more than she can physically handle. She is losing sleep, she can’t trust anyone. And she hasn’t spoken to Taryn since the murder blood bath of crowning Cardan king. And I don’t blame her. I would be like taking an arrow and staking my twin in the heart if she did something like that.


Still, Jude must learn to work her way through the fairy politics in this sequel, and it becomes even harder to protect Cardan (in order to protect Oak) when it is revealed that there is a traitor among her spies. Black didn’t hold back when it came to character development. Everyone thinks Jude had it hard in the first book, Just wait until you read this dark shark of a book. There traitors, blood, and the introduction to the dark creatures hiding in the sea below! That’s right readers!!! Black takes us under the sea!!! I can’t wait until readers inter this new realm in the fairy world!!!


So, I won’t say anything further, due to spoilers and “oh my” moments that will blow your socks off.




If you thought book one had plot twists…. It gets even worse in book two….


One event will change the future of everything!!!!

Be on the lookout for this dark crystal of a book in January 2019!

I CANNOT wait until book three to see what happens next!!!!!




Shadow of the Fox

One thing that I love about authors, is how they incorporate different legends and mythology around the world. There is something about heroes, gods, and goddesses that makes my reading heart leap for joy. My all time favorite mythological creature, spirit, or whatever you want to call it does in fact come from the Japanese culture.

It’s the Kitsune!!!

For those who don’t know, kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. And they derive from many Japanese folklores. Some see them as helpful messengers, while others view them as a trickster spirit. Basically, they’re somewhat of a Loki.

Although in my opinion, the kitsune remind me of Switzerland. They always seem to remain neutral when a war, or conflict is at hand, helping when they like too. Also, I do love someone who enjoys pranking others in a friendly way.

But anyways, when I learned that Julie Kagawa was publishing a story where the main character is in fact a Kitsune, I was fangirling so hard!!!

Shadow of the Fox, captured my heart within the first chapter, taking me on a journey which included falling in love with a characters (who I thought) was going to be the main protagonist. Although I was in tears when I learned it Suki wasn’t meant to be the character, or hero in the book.

However, I was then introduced to Yumeko, a fun loving girl who loves the thrill and heart of the pranks she pulls on the Monks who has raised her since she was left there as a child. Her kitsune powers is something she struggles to embrace the humanity she longs to be, while hiding the fox like powers within. Her favorite mentor/monk (father figure) Master Isao helps her on this journey, reminding her to stay true to herself.

Afraid of letting the fox take over, she sneaks out of the temple and into the forest hoping for a sign to help her fight the conflict between the fox and her humanity, she comes back to the temple to learn that an Oni and his demon minions are destroying her hope.

Looking for Master Isao, she finds him where he gives her the final task in her training. She must deliver one part of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers and warn the monks of the Steel Feather Temple. After a tearful goodbye, she leaves the home she’s ever known and runs into Tatsumi, a Kage samurai with secrets of his own.

The one thing I loved about this book was the character development. Kagawa created characters that each had battles with the inner demon and yet she woven them into the overall story. She also left me hanging with major cliff hanger that I didn’t see coming. Yumeko’s sweet and caring soul is proof that even a kitsune can look past hate and spread kindness and love in the world!

If any of you have seen Teen Wolf and witnessed the Kitsune in Kira, you won’t want to miss this amazing read!!! This book is filled with adventure, soul, and samurais!!! Freaking samurais!!!

Be on the lookout for this book on OCTOBER 2, 2018!!!

What’s your favorite mythology???




Let me know what your favorite mythology is in the comments below!!!

A Hero’s Journey

This year, I decided to subscribe to the Uppercase Book Company. Basically, every month you pay a standard fee and receive a new book, Young Adult genre, along with some other cool book accessories. (So far, I’ve received so many bookish things, but my favorite is this amazing reading journal I got!!! It’s amazing!!! You’ll love it!!! Be Jealous!!!). I was so excited to see what my first book would be and I was literally blown away!!!


The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross was an amazing world to experience as a reader. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, forcing myself to finish it in one night (#noregrets). This fantasy tale follows Brienna who must master her passion of knowledge and be chosen by a patron before her time at school ends. When things don’t go her way, she feels lost and unworthy to continue her passion training until her journey takes a twisted path.


Instead of memorizing accounts of history and lineage, she soon spends her days caught in a war between two kingdoms. After learning that she not only has visions to help stop the battles, she must decide where she falls on the battle line. Will she return to the land and heritage abandoned her? Or will she help crown the kingdom with the rightful queen?


This strong heroine is an unforgettable person that will inspire girls for future generations. Brienna’s determination and courage is truly inspirational, especially her willingness to sacrifice everything, including herself, to do what’s right!!!


Check your local libraries or click the link here to get your copy today!!!



I hope you love this enchanting story!!!



Comment below if there is any books you want me to check out!!!

Fate of Deception

Hello Readers!


I hope everyone’s summer is going well, and you’re tackling your reading list like a champ!!!


This summer has been filled with so many books that my TBR (To Be Read) list is about a mile long. Between that, finishing edits of my new novel (which I’ll be announcing soon!), and getting some reviews done, please note that I hadn’t left you lovely people. Its just been crazy trying to get all of the things done on the checklist. But anyways, let’s get started!!!


Veronica Roth was a breakout author when she released the Divergent book series!!! It captured the heart of the world consisting of three full length novels, one book full of novellas, and an epilogue that we’ve been waiting for!!! Since then, she has come back strong like Darth Vador and literally captured the attention of readers around the world by creating not a new world, but a new universe!!!


The Fates Divide is the second book in Carve the Mark Series! It follows Akos and Cyra as they continue their journey of discovering who they’re truly are in the world. Each character found respect, love, and sacrifice in one another in the first book, but soon it all came crashing down like all good books do (thanks Roth…). Together, they must work together to help divert the fate that was spoken when they were children, battling obstacles placed before them.


Roth did not disappoint in this duology and conclusion to the series. Her creativity and inspiration for this story is unforgettable. Her ability to create an entire universe of diverse beings is out of our own universe. And of course she wouldn’t be Roth without sending readers down a dark and haunting hallway with a page turning twist no one saw coming!!!


Like seriously, imagine the end of Allegiant times 1000.






Cyra and Akos being switched at birth is the key to the brokenness inside them. It also shows how redeeming their character qualities are by choosing forgiveness, instead of harboring at past mistakes, by choosing their own fates.


Even after reading the book, my mind still can’t handle the comprehension. Mindblown doesn’t even begin to explain it.



Check out the book in your local library, or purchase in at amazon!!!


But be sure to read book one Carve the Mark!!!! You’ll be lost if you don’t!!!



Be on the lookout for more reviews!!! And major announcements that will blow your universe!!!

Children of Blood and Bone

Hello, cyber world! I’m back and feeling better than ever. This past month has been so chaotic, but I’ve managed to find time to write some reviews on amazing reads so far this year!


So, let’s get started!


The most anticipated read of 2018 belonged to Children of Blood and Bone written by the amazing Tomi Adeyemi! Since 2017, this book has been on readers and authors TBR list (TBR stands for To Be Read; reader slang). In simple non-reader words, a person may describe this as Black Panther in the literary world. On the other hand, readers would describe it as a new diverse voice taking readers through a world of trials, heartbreak, betrayal, courage and forgiveness.


Basically, like any other day in the Young Adult World, except in this one you can ride a lionaire!


The story follows a young woman named Zélie who must bring magic back to the land known as Orïsha. A place where maji clans were blessed with abilities from the gods and goddesses where reapers, seers, lighters, tiders, and many other majis helped heal a world that hummed with magic. However, a ruthless King took it all away with one simple command, including Zèlie’s own mother. Since then, the land is no longer touched by the gods. Instead, its haunted from the massacre of past majis, until Zèlie is sent on a journey to bring back magic, and reunite the clans to fight against the monarch. This adventure is full of twist and turns forcing all readers to expect the unexpected.


Personally, I was transported to the Orïsha within the first chapter. The book’s narratives of different characters allowed me a chance to really understand both sides on the battle at hand. It also helped me discover each’s character’s own voice, showing the different perspectives in the land of Orïsha. The first half of the books was stunning! There was battle, kickass female girl power, and magic that none have ever seen before! Although, as the story concluded, many characters became unsure of themselves, doubting their past actions to a point where I was really questioning what the characters hopes and dreams were for this book. The uncertainty of the characters’ voices left too many plot holes, ending in a poor conclusion in the first book of the series.


I rate it a 3 out of 5, judging it by seeing so much character development and creativity in the first half of the book, and then watching the second half be undercooked. There were too many questioning events and characters’ determinations that caused me to really lose the hype that everyone was talking about.


Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Adeyem’s creativity and writing development! Her ability and drive to create a world unlike our own is truly remarkable. And I’m also a big fan of mythology and she threw some amazing Nigerian culture that I LOVED!!!!! And I will most likely read her future works, but for me, she just didn’t end Children of Blood and Bone with a big BANG! It started with a BANG, but somehow just went bam. But no matter what, I know that she can deliver in her next book!


And if you haven’t had the opportunity, go take the quiz and see what clan you belong too!!! I’m a HEALER!!!! If you belong to the Ìwòsàn, give me a shout out!!!




Be on the lookout for the next review, where I’ll dive into Veronica Roth’s new book The Fates Divide. See you soon!

Last Call Pitches

So I know this review is long overdue… But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it!!!


If you know me personally, then you would know that Pitch Perfect is absolutely my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! That’s right! It has comedy, singing, girl power, and last but no least FAT AMY!!!


This movie franchise will go down in history as one of the best musical themed movies starring incredible kickass women. I will never tire of watching the movies over and over again, while I’m horizontal running.


But Pitch Perfect 3 is the sad conclusion for all the Bellas we have come to love (insert sobbing and crying uncontrollably). And writers did not hold back. The movie begins with the girls current job situations after graduating from Barden University, and how they’re moving on from being the World Champion acapella singing group. When a reunion show turns out to be just a lousy way of saying watch the new Bellas sing (which the new Bellas need to get out of my life. Just saying.) The women decide to reunite for a farewell performance overseas for the U.S. troops.


During the tour, the Bellas learn more about their life decisions and even deal with major competition. Yes, that means the Bellas lost another rip off. But through it all they all grow closer setting new goals for the future, while some have secrets of the past busting out of nowhere and will pitch slap you so hard, your jaw will drop.


I can’t imagine a perfect way to end this journey we all been on!!


The movie will pull at your heartstrings and leave you wanting more!!!


Thank you Bellas for showing us what girl power stands for, and the true artwork of acapella singing!!!!

Game Night! Movie Goes First!

Alright, now I can’t be the only one excited about a movie featuring a live version of all the board games we grew up playing. That’s right! Hollywood finally put something together, turning a movie into a combination Monopoly, the Game of Life, Risk, Clue, and so many more. I was literally jumping in my seat.


And boy! This movie did not disappoint. It was full of comedy, action, adventure, and even some love. But overall it was a great movie! A must see!


Rachel McAdam and Jason Bateman star as Annie and Max, husband and wife, who are obsessed with games. Competition burns in their blood making them the ultimate team that no one can beat. #GAMECOUPLE  The couple holds a ritual game night every week until Max’s younger brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) shows up making the sibling rivalry between him and Max boil. Brooks hijacks game night from his brother forcing the players to get off the board and play game night in real life. Although, this twist turns into another twist taking game night to another level no player will ever forget. This movie has comedic action, taking viewers on the twist and turns of everything possible. You won’t see anything coming…



I highly suggest this movie to anyone looking for a great laugh! But this movie is rated R, so only people 17 years old and older.


So, let’s just take a minute and be honest. We all played board games, card games, and yes even mancala. Now, I challenge you to list your favorite game you grew up playing in the comments below.


Hope you enjoyed this review!




My all-time favorite was Clue!!!

I mean who doesn’t love solving murders!!

Brightly Burning… Up my life!

Hello wonderful people!!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!! Unless, you’re in Oklahoma, then you’ve been having an cool day!!


Ha Ha!


Get it! Cool…. Because of all the ice and….


Anyways, I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly posts. My blog has really taken a toll with the distractions of life, but I’m back and I promise I’ll be posting more stuff soon. All I think I’ve posted so far is book reviews, which is good. But I know others are looking forward to movies blogs and other stuff.


And there’s also the winter Olympics, which I’ve been watching every night!!! And huge congrats to all the competitors of USA!! And shout-out to the Women’s USA hockey for bringing back the first gold medal since 1998!!! I’m a fan for life now!!


But thankfully, I’ve been reading like a mad man, and had some great reads this past weekend, including one that I’m going to talk about today and let me just say it was like the ultimate story telling. I literally couldn’t put the book down, and was so sad when I finished it. Not that it was a sad ending. I only cried for like four hours (give or take) because I didn’t want the story to end. I wanted it to go on and on and on and on and on and on.




Brightly Burning is a new Young Adult science fiction book coming out in 2018, written by Alexa Donne. This story takes place in space, where 17-year-old Stella lives in a spaceship along with the rest of human population, after the Earth went into another ice age. Stella is teacher and engineer, wishing for the chance to experience life on a new ship, after her Aunt (who is the worst by the way) shipped her off to the orphanage after the death of her parents.


Stella soon learns that she has been offered a job as a governess aboard the Rochester ship where she meets the mysterious young captain named Hugo. Stella cares for his little sister Jessa, but soon learns that there is more than just eight crewmembers. Hearing mysterious laughter at night, and an unexpected fire. Stella is determined to solve this mystery, while trying not fall in love with the young captain who would do anything to protect her.


This books take everyone on a rollercoaster of emotions, making us all wonder what conspiracy is lurking in the ship.



This book will officially be released in May 2018!!


Well, that’s all I have for now. And I hope everyone in Oklahoma stays safe and warm.


See you soon!