The barnyard gang is back again with another crazy adventure. Join Bessie, Jase, Holly, Polly, Suzie, Charley, and introducing two new characters Porky the pig, and Bow the dog as they go on another crazy adventure. This time the gang decides to go to a Halloween Party, but soon find out that Dracula, Frankenstein, and many other monsters want to turn them into a Halloween nightmare. Can the barnyard friends escape the haunted mansion before they become the world’s next nightmare?



Twins Kit and Kasper Calloway have been haunted by their parents’ deaths since they were five years old. After moving in with their Aunt, they soon learn of the legends about ancient beings known as scribblers and sentinels. Scribblers are ones who have the power to welcome their creativity in the world through their magic journals, while sentinels help protect and heal the world from darkness. The siblings do not believe in these enchanting tales, but soon learn the stories are true. After discovering that their Aunt has been taken, Kit and Kasper set out on an epic adventure and learn that their past has come back to haunt them. They learn that the death of their parents wasn’t an accident. It was a sacrifice to protect them. Kit and Kasper are the last ones with the ancient gifts of scribblers and sentinels, hidden away from the evil tyrant Gideon.

The Scribbler: Caged is a Young Adult fantasy set in a magical world about a diverse set of heroes. From people with powers, to everyday people standing up to the injustices of the world. They set out on an epic adventure to find out the truth. To discover and experience a world full of darkness and reignite the spark of light. Will Kit and Kasper help stop Gideon? Or are they fated to become just another pawn in the game?