Mayhem Book Review

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is still surviving in this pandemic, which needs to get out of my life. I can’t take it anymore. But let’s move on before I jump on a rant. 

So the only thing that has helped me survive this world’s craziness is books. No surprise there, but it is nice when someone from the St. Martin’s Press reached out about participating in a lovely blog tour to help share a wonderful story with the world! I saw this as a blessed opportunity to help share another author’s story with the world, and boy, do I have a wonderful book for you!

Estelle Laure creates a thrilling, emotional, and enticing world in her book Mayhem. It follows the story of Mayhem Brayburn, a young woman who has lived her entire life in fear. She has watched her step-father beat her mother time and time again, unable to help her. Nothing changes until Lyle lay his hands of Mayhem herself, does her mother decide its time to return to the place she ran away from when Mayhem was a baby.

Trying to leave their scars in the past, Mayhem and her mother Roxy return to the very town that has protected the long line of Wrayburn women. Mayhem is introduced to an entirely new scene, leaving the sleepy town of Texas in the past, and diving into the beaches of California. It’s there that Mayhem heals not only herself but others as she finds her true destiny in the world. 

What I loved about Mayhem’s character is the strength she persevered to heal herself from the domestic violence she experienced. She doesn’t let her past consume her entire being. Instead, she uses it to help others, especially her pill popper mother. Each relationship Mayhem builds is so unique and different, where the readers get an inside grip on the world Mayhem lived for so many years. I absolutely loved this Stranger Things like novel, where it takes a strong and courageous heroine to get things done! 

Be on the lookout for this supernatural and mystical novel on July 14, 2020!

See ya soon!


The Hanging Tree

Okay, readers! I’m posting early because this cannot wait until Friday!!!!

I just finished reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by the epic and amazing writing Suzanne Collins. And this prequel to her original series The Hunger Games reveals deeper meaning and knowledge, while still allowing it to be its own book. So before I go on any further let’s get this review started.



First of all, the pacing of the book is really slow. The pacing reminded me of The Mockingjay, a lot going on, but nothing really happening. However, each part of the book built on one another, making it worth the wait and provide so many different theories and ideas by the end of it.

what I truly loved about this book was that it’s a truly separate novel in the making, compared to The Hunger Games Trilogy. Of course, it has a few familiar characters and the same setting, however, the overall themes and actions are completely different. There aren’t really any revelations that are seen periodically throughout the books. The book is it’s own making, giving readers a view of the Hunger Games through the perspective of the Capitol. Instead of watching the actual arena, readers watch the game makers and mentors.

Readers be prepared. This is the 10th annual Hunger games, meaning it’s not the 74th. Victors were not wined and dined as it seemed to appear. They were treated worse than animals, forced to live in a monkey cage at the Capitol’s old zoo. The mockeries and inhumane living conditions still giving me chills, thinking about how some didn’t even make it to the actual games.

That’s right…

Some died before the games even began.

But The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes follows a different perspective in Panem. Readers follow the young life of President Snow and how he became the powerful man we later see him as. We learn that he comes from not just a broken home, but the hardship in life. We learn that he and his cousin Tigris (yep, that’s her. The one from The Mockingjay who was fired by President Snow. I repeat. HIS. COUSIN.) were both orphaned from the war between the Capitol and District 13. His family is in financial ruins until he is chosen as a mentor. And guess which district the dirty scoundrel was selected to mentor???

District 12.


Snow is introduced to the lovely and talented, Lucy Baird (p.s. one of my ancestor’s last name of Baird, which I thought was pretty cool.), a feisty and quick-witted young woman. Snow and Lucy build a beautiful friendship that readers start to love until Snow’s heart becomes bigger than his ambitions. Not only does he help Lucy win the games. Snow also cheated for her.

Another mic-drop.

The famous President Coriolanus Snow helped a District 12 participant become the victor of the 10th annual Hunger Games. Then a bunch of other stuff happens (spoilers that I don’t want to share).

Finally, Snow is faced with a choice. One that leads him into the unknown (not now Elsa!). And one that introduces him to power and control.

You already know which one he picked.

Readers finally understand the pure hatred (yes, I said hatred) Snow on Katniss and District 12, all thanks to Lucy Baird (who is my official hero!)!!!!

You’ll even learn who wrote, sung, and directed the famous song “The Hanging Tree” at. Because it wasn’t just a song of rebellion. It was truly a song of love.

So before I go on any further, I better get off before I let any more spoilers out of my system. Page 435 was my absolute favorite!!! You’ll know why once you read it!!!!

I rate this book 4.7/5; only due to the pacing.

I thought learning about President Snow was very intriguing. But learning how Lucy got revenge on him through Katniss was even better.

Until next time victors!

“Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we’d both be free?”

                                                                        -Suzanne Collins

The Great Slytherin Love Story

I surprisingly made two blog posts on a schedule!!! I know that many of you may think I’m insane. HOWEVER, this is a huge win for me! Especially since I plan to make more in hopes of sharing some amazing stories that are in the world!

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started!!!

So, fantastic news…

Now before I begin, lets just all admit that we love a good Slytherin. Yes, I’m calling out every single person in the world that has watched, read, and breathed anything Harry Potter. We love that ambitious and clever individual that has plans A through Z ready to get out of any situation. And finally, after years of hoping Tricia Levenseller has graciously gifted us with the amazing book The Shadows Between Us.

Levenseller creates a kick ass feminist character in Alessandra Stathos. This young woman is the true definition of female empowerment as she battles the rules of being second best at everything. She’s the second best daughter. The second best choice. Until, she takes matters in her own hands. After giving her heart to Hector, her first love who ended up rejecting her, she cures her heartbreak with something greater than love.


It’s at that moment, Alessandra decides to do three things to help the women in the kingdom.

Seduce the Shadow King

Marry the Shadow King

Then kill him and take his kingdom

Alessandra sends her plans into motion, taking each step with much caution. Everything is good until she realizes that Kallias, the Shadow King, just like her. And to top it off, Alessandra isn’t the only one trying to kill him. But can she follow her plan? Or will her heart lead her astray again?

Sorry, but you’ll have to find out by reading it!

I’ll try to limit as many spoilers as possible, but the development of Alessandra is what really stood out to me. Levenseller pulls readers in to a dark side that makes you wish for Alessandra to succeed. She doesn’t try to pull at the emotional darkness from Alessandra’s past. Instead, Levenseller directs the change in Alessandra in the present time by showing her as a rebellious and caring person all Slytherins are to be. The chemistry between Alessandra and Kallias is a hot ambitious mystery as they both know they cannot truly love one another without sacrificing the true love to themselves.

I hope everyone has a chance to dive into the shadows and see what lies in store for these characters! This is a five star book that is hopefully going to be a sequel! I would love to see more adventures between these two.

And with that, I must bid you farewell until next time!

And make sure you subscribe because the next book is going to be AMAZING! We will be traveling back to a time of great sorrow, where a girl on fire inspired a rebellion like no other.

We are returning to Panem readers!

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

                                                          -Suzanne Collins

Roses Are Red, Curses Are Gold

Roses are Red, Curses are Gold! Hey everyone! Welcome back to this lackluster blog site where I cannot seem to get my crap together. I want to apologize for my silence over the past few months. Graduate school has been a major buzz killer.



I am happy to announce that I’ve officially graduated with my Master’s degree in Creative Writing!!!

Now that we got that over, let’s dive into new books that have been keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning. Being a huge fan of mythology and old folktales, this next book was another satisfying read that made me wish my father cursed me.

Young Adult author Annie Sullivan continues her story in A Curse of Gold, the sequel to A Touch of Gold. Sullivan takes readers on another thrilling and exciting adventure with King Midas’s daughter, who he accidentally cursed his daughter. Not only did he turn his daughter, Princess Kora to gold, but he also cursed her with the ability to absorb gold and turn anything she touches.

Sullivan opens the sequel just months after they returned from their first adventure. Princess Kora is no longer afraid to show herself as she returns to Lagonia and helps rule the kingdom alongside with her father. That is until a group of mystical creatures attack the castle, seeking her death. Kora must once again carry the burden of trying to save not only her father but the people of Lagonia. She must gather her allies, which includes her cousin Hettie and her lover Royce. They sail out on an adventure to find the mystical island of Dionysius domain, where they must face the god that cursed her father in the beginning. Come along on a journey that takes readers to the palace of Poseidon’s son Triton and the Gorgon island.

This story is one of my favorite retellings because it takes the point of view from a different character in the old tale. Readers get a new perspective as they see the despair and strength Kora lived with since she was turned to gold at nine-years-old. You see the transition of her becoming a forgotten princess to an outstanding queen that is ready to rule her people! Kora’s determination to put others’ needs before her own is the true definition of sacrifice that will inspire readers all around the world. This story is more than just a warning of greed. It’s about showing acceptance for yourself and others in your journey in life. Kora never let fear prevent her from accomplishing her goals. Her golden curse transformed into a golden savior as she found love, guidance, and friendship.

I hope you give this series a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

Here is the link to the first book A Touch of Gold available where all books are sold.

A Curse of Gold will hit shelves on September 22, 2020! But is available for pre-order! (More than enough time to catch up!)

I’m going to try and post a book review every Friday, so keep watching for new exciting tales that will take you to places beyond the stars!

Talk to you soon!


The Two Mozarts


A name that is remembered as being one of the top composers the world had ever seen.

But the single name does not define the two individuals that perfected and showed the world a quality of music that changed lives.

Marie Lu introduces the Mozart family in her first work of historical fiction, depicting the life of one Mozart that was hidden from the limelight. A woman so genius and strong that stepped aside when her father commanded.

Nannerl Mozart, the equally talented composer, mostly known as being Mozart’s older sister. In The Kingdom of Back, Lu takes readers deep into the world of music. She takes readers back to the age the Mozart siblings toured the entire European continent, playing for the royalty of all many nations. She uses Nannerl’s voice to bring readers into her magical world she created a fantasy kingdom that needed her. One she wished reflected the real world. However, during her time, women were not allowed to compose. They were forbidden to do such a thing, however, with the help of her younger brother, Nannerl secretly composes her passion to hopefully share with the world. Although, as time wears on, she learns that her talent will never be appreciated at her brother, leading her to make a bargain with a mysterious boy named Hyacinth. Her father made it perfectly clear that she will only perform until she reaches marriageable age. Then Hyacinth, the mysterious boy from the Kingdom of Back, promises to give her everything she desires. But at the cost of loved ones.

The craftmanship of writing Lu brings to readers was unforgettable. The imagery appears like notes as Lu describes the passion within each piece. The determination to fight for her dreams is the inspiration that all truly need to witness. It’s admiral as Nannerl embarks on a journey to truly find herself in a world of traditions. I feel so honored and blessed to even read this piece of work as it is Marie Lu’s best book to date! Lu’s heart and soul are poured into the characterization as she accomplished to capture the heart and spirit Nannerl had within. No matter what the future lies ahead. Two things are for sure:

  1. Nannerl Mozart will never be forgotten.
  2. Marie Lu will never be forgotten.

So go on Nannerl’s around the world! Dream! Live! And share your heart and passion with the world!

A Tough Choice

Many people don’t see the struggles of a writer. They don’t see the constant rejections, working more than one job, or the bitter doubt that surrounds them. Some days are good, while others live in the darkness

2018 was a real wake year for me. It was the year that I completed my second Young adult novel, and also the year that worked towards a manuscript that broke me during the writing process. I had no success when editing, using 9 months of it to realize that I was forcing the story. I was writing something that didn’t need to be told. I created characters and relationships inside my mind that I thought were brilliant. Although, it turned out that I was wrong.

2019 was supposed to be the year I saw relief and hope as I planned to publish my new title. Unfortunately, after careful consideration I decided to put away the manuscript. The story and characters deserve much better than I could give. They deserve a story that takes readers to a new place, where they can learn more about the crazy life we call reality.

After reviewing the story, it made me realize that my own writing wasn’t meant to be shared with the world. I’ve given a lot of thought on the subject, spending many nights in tears and horror as I thought of giving up the chance of a writing career. It seems crazy right now as I type this, but sometimes life knock the feet right out of you.

I believe that each person was given a talent in this world, and for 25 years I’ve been searching and waiting, only to discover that I haven’t found it. I have a passion for literature and writing, but believe that my talent lies elsewhere in the world.

So I’ll be using my skills to provide the best type book reviews with you all, hoping to send you down a path of love and respect for literature.

And even though this is goodbye to the writing world for now, I just want to thank each and every person for their love and support in the world. I am so grateful for every would that has given me this opportunity.

I’ll be using this new and exciting year to take a step back and focus on my love for reading and writing, which I lost in the past 4 years.

Once again, thank you all so much! And I wish you all luck in your passions!


I’m Back!!!

So, let’s just say it’s been awhile….


Now I know what your all thinking.


Where the heck has Kylan been?


Well don’t worry. I am still alive, drowning in the depths of grad school, life, books, and countless other things added to my list. But I am going to try and make an effort to post at least one blog a month. That way I don’t just ghost out or anything like I did these past months. My bad…


Since the last post, life has not bothered to slow down one second. Every day it feels like I’m adding more and more to my list of things to do. It’s crazy how busy life can be at times. I don’t have time to watch my tv shows, read more books, or even write every day like I want. Although, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sneaking around and having some great writing sessions at 1 or 3 in the morning.


I am so excited for 2018 to be over with. This has probably been one of the toughest years of my life. Just going through the daily struggles of life, mentally and physically. It seems that some Slytherin has made its way into my Ravenclaw heart. But its expected when things don’t work out the way you plan. And when my plans get wrecked, everything else seems to burst into flames. I was hoping to have my new book out in the summer of 2018. I even posted a tribute back in the spring about it. As you can tell, it didn’t happen…


Deadlines weren’t met. I kept pushing it off. The editing process of this book literally killed me and my editor. (The book was also a pain to write too.)


I do want to thank you for your patience. Your support wouldn’t be possible without each one of you! With that being said, I am glad to inform you that my new book is in the final stages! I have the first printed copy and I am currently going through it one last time before I send it in the world. Before I release the title and cover, I want everyone to know how special this book is to me. I’ve been working on it since 2014. It was one of my very first novel ideas and I’ve written about 5-10 different manuscript versions of it. Most of them ended up on the floor, but it wasn’t until September 2017-Feburary 2018 did this book finally come together. I was able to write about one chapter a week, and create loving characters and a fantastic world that I hope the readers will love! Every journey with a story is always precious. There are some that are still waiting to be written, and I am so glad that this one is finally being told.


So without further ado, here the title and cover of my new adventure!

Curse of the Oak Ebook (1).jpg





Official Release Date Coming Soon!!!



Catwoman: Soulstealer

Okay, so my constant absence has been due to Grad School, which is going great!!! However, its been taking a huge amount of my time, preventing me from posting more reviews and blogs.

With that being said, here is the review of Sarah J. Maas’s new book Catwoman: Soulstealer!!!!


This is the third book in the DC Icons Young Adult series!!!

I’ll try to post more as soon as I can readers!!!


Sarah J. Maas uses her writing talent to create a story featuring one of the most slender and striking character to haunt the alleys of Gotham. Her catlike agility plus her claws and bull whip doesn’t slow down Selina Kyle’s passion of helping the poor and weak against Gotham’s viscous and alarming criminals. Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sara J. Maas is a Young Adult novel about 17-year-old Selina Kyle and her journey of becoming Catwoman. Maas takes the readers back to the beginning showing how strong the woman in black is by focusing on how much sacrifice it takes to walk the streets of Gotham.

The story is separated into two parts, beginning with Selina Kyle and her adventures in Gotham before she become Catwoman. She is working for Carmine Falcone as one of his fighting leopards, doing everything she can to put food on the table. Her mother is a no-good drunk, forcing Selina to care for her little sister Maggie who has a severe case of cystic fibrosis. Working for Falcone, Selina must endure match after match proving her work, loyalty, as well as money to pay for the debt of medical cost piling up. After going twenty-seven rounds undefeated, her reign comes to an end when she loses a fight that cost her everything. Gotham City’s child services show up at her apartment with the police, ready to take the two sisters into custody, but Selina’s instinct in the ring sprawls into action, sending the cops to the ground. She is later escorted to the police station where she meets Talia al Ghūl, who offers her a chance to leave Gotham City and her past behind. Considering her options, Selina ultimately decides to leave, sacrificing everything she’s ever worked for in order that Maggie is given a home away from the criminal tirade of gangs and violence. With no goodbye, Selina departs that night on the plane, leaving her past behind her.

Two years later, Selina returns to Gotham under the alias of Holly Vanderhees, ready to bring the high society of Gotham to their knees. After training for two years at the League of Assassins, she begins stealing priceless jewels and artwork, drawing the attention of other female fatales including, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Bribing the two women with jewels and riches, the trio begin working together, using their wits and talents to rob Gotham’s finest, until they draw the attention of Batwing, or known to the public as Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises CEO. Although, Selina’s intellect already knows who the masked crusader is, and learns more of the past veteran and his sacrifice in the Marines resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that haunts him every time he closes his eyes. Batwing is determined to catch Catwoman, but she is always one step ahead of him, until the League of Assassins sends their best, Tigris, to put Selina to the test after she stole valuable information about the Lazarus Pit. Just as Batwing unmasks Catwoman, he is shocked to find Holly Vanderhees, his neighbor and lover for the past weeks. The one who has spent countless nights nursing his wounds mentally and physically. When the League of Assassins return for a second time to Arkham Asylum to mark Selina for death, the Joker comes to her rescue, whom Selina has been secretly working with to help handle the League while she goes and creates the Lazarus Pit to save her sister’s life. Batwing comes to the realization of who Holly Vanderhees is and allows her enough time to save her sister’s life, sacrificing his relationship with Batman and the rest of GCPD. In the end, Selina accomplishes everything she sets out to do, using the money from the priceless jewels to pay off her sister’s debt and establish a college fund for her in the future, but most of all, curing Maggie of cystic fibrosis. Together, Luck and Selina make a new beginning in Gotham, knowing their sacrifice will help save the future of the city.

Maas uses first person present to tell this epic story, switching between the characters of Selina Kyle and Luke Fox. She alternates chapters in order for the reader learn more about the characters and their past that includes the League of Assassins training for Selina and the war scars for Luke. The difference between the two characters his how they leave Gotham and then return to the dark city. For example, Selina Kyle leave Gotham City as a broken and battered girl who let the criminals of Gotham second guess her every move. She left as a failure, unable to care for herself and Maggie. Although, when she returns, Selina is not the little girl waiting for another fight to put food on the table. Instead, she is a graceful and articulate woman, using her new skills to show Gotham how strong she has become, ready to take on the whole city.

Nevertheless, Luke has a different journey in Gotham. He leaves the city where he was the top bat of the cave. His whole life has been about the high social elite, until he leaves the city for war. He wants to prove his worth to his parents and the city after becoming lost in the high social framework of the rich. Although when Luke returns, he is broken and abused from the war. He is diagnosed with PTSD as a result from the images and friends he couldn’t save. He uses professional boxing as his only way to escape the dark images, taking each blow as punishment.

However, Maas brings these two characters together, and others, through the theme of sacrifice. Selina sacrifices her freedom and chance for a future by going to the League of Assassins. She does this with pride, knowing her sister will finally be safe with a loving home, knowing she may never see Maggie again. And she does it again, when she returns to Gotham and plays all kinds of games with all of Gotham’s malicious criminals, while waiting for the League to hunt her down after stealing their precious formula for creating the Lazarus Pit. Then Luke shows his sacrifice by putting on his identity of Batwing, knowing that each night he’s out fighting crime may be his last. He knows that this extra-curricular activity could also make his PTSD more unstable. However, his joy for helping Gotham stay safe, is his focus and primary concern that pushes back his worries and fears.

Finally, there is Poison Ivy, a character who made her way into the novel with all means necessary. Her passion and love for botany is the sacrifice she offers after becoming a human experiment by force. The future of plant science and personal love was casted aside after an experiment gone wrong, leaving her alone and dejected. She sacrifices her love for a better future by determined to inform the people of Gotham the ways of a better environment that plants and people can enjoy together.

Sarah J. Maas takes readers on a trek into the emotional minds of characters, focusing on their weaknesses and strengths resulting in their sacrifices for a better future. Her characterization and story plot of Selina Kyle makes readers question whether Catwoman is a hero or villain. I believe that her goal of the story was to reinforce the ideas of female fatales that was greatly used in the past and introduce it to a new generation of literature lovers to discover how much they are willing to sacrifice for their own loved ones. Selina Kyle is a heroine for all to look up to, especially the ones who dig deep in their soul to help make their city and world a better place.

The Wicked King

Okay, so if you have seen any of my recent posts, you would know that my awesome and amazing librarian was able to snag a copy of probably the next book of the year!! Yes!! That’s right!!! I just got done reading The Wicked King by Holly Black!!!!




Be jealous fellow readers!!!


I literally like cried for an hour before opening the pages because if you’ve read the first book in this amazing series (The Cruel Prince). Then you would know the sorrow and grief every reader was feeling at the end of the novel. So, before I go into The Wicked King lets do a recap on book one.


So literally Holly Black is queen of the fairies!!! She takes us to another realm and describes things that I can’t even possibly imagine. Its like literally going into a Disney themed store with a special kind of alluring darkness that’ll pop out and hold you captive. In other words, basically you won’t be rescued and die of heartbreak. Anyways, the end of book one was like being punched in the heart over and over again. Just when I though Jude was going to find love and have a place in the fairy world, Locke doesn’t truly love her, Madoc is planning on running the kingdom, Dain betrays her, Cardan hates her guts but also wants to kiss her, and Taryn (her twin sister) played her like a fiddle and literally broke girl code in every way possible. Yeah, there were some issues that would like mentally break a person. Also, I would just like to clarify that Taryn and Locke need to be punched in the face, and let the crows or some other evil fair creature rip their hearts into shreds.


Okay….. I feel so much better saying that. #TeamJude


However, Jude overcomes it all like the badass she is and like takes control of the whole fairy kingdom with Cardon (the one who tortured her yet loves her but won’t admit it) under her control. #Judeforlife




So, book two picks up about five months later, and Jude is the new Leader of the Court of Shadows, as well as the King’s (Cardan) new seneschal. This new form of leadership/control is exactly what Jude has been striving for her entire life, especially watching the look on her father’s face. But this job becomes more than she can physically handle. She is losing sleep, she can’t trust anyone. And she hasn’t spoken to Taryn since the murder blood bath of crowning Cardan king. And I don’t blame her. I would be like taking an arrow and staking my twin in the heart if she did something like that.


Still, Jude must learn to work her way through the fairy politics in this sequel, and it becomes even harder to protect Cardan (in order to protect Oak) when it is revealed that there is a traitor among her spies. Black didn’t hold back when it came to character development. Everyone thinks Jude had it hard in the first book, Just wait until you read this dark shark of a book. There traitors, blood, and the introduction to the dark creatures hiding in the sea below! That’s right readers!!! Black takes us under the sea!!! I can’t wait until readers inter this new realm in the fairy world!!!


So, I won’t say anything further, due to spoilers and “oh my” moments that will blow your socks off.




If you thought book one had plot twists…. It gets even worse in book two….


One event will change the future of everything!!!!

Be on the lookout for this dark crystal of a book in January 2019!

I CANNOT wait until book three to see what happens next!!!!!




The Writing State of Mind

Finishing a book is process that many people don’t seem to full grasp. Hours of time along with blood, sweat, tears, and so much more are added into a potion whereas the writer is hoping to brew that next great story.


Countless people partake in this process, giving up their own time to scribble down a story that has been racking inside of their brain. A story that can be full of love and laughter, and even some so dark and twisted that most are afraid to even glance at the cover.


I myself have been through the grueling process, completing my second novel just last weekend. And I just want to say that the process doesn’t get easier.


I know what you’re all thinking….


What? Writing is just putting words to paper.


I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not. Writing is much more complicated than that ladies and gentlemen. No writer can even grasp the writing process because it changes all the time. It’s a complete gray area that sends you down rabbit holes of allusion and into castles with moving staircases hiding secrets and lies behind many doors. Some writers are even afraid to open the scary doors. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve all seen the scary movies where the person opens the door and well, you know the rest.


I think many people don’t realize the mentality that takes a toll on writers. All of whom create a new and magical world with characters that blow every readers mind. It’s a lot for someone to not go insane. And if they do, well welcome to wonderland.


Everyone doesn’t realize the strength and courage it takes to let someone read this unimaginable story inside you mind. It’s a very vulnerable state that all people want to hide, myself included.


So why am I droning on about this?


Well, I’m glad you asked…


The next time you pick up a book to read. Or the next time you glance toward a book, I challenge you to stop and just admire all the work that went into the book. I want you to visualize the long nights of working, the many days of revisions and breakdowns as well as losing sleep and even friends. Just take a moment and really dive into the writers mind. Because once you do, you’ll never be the same.