Roses Are Red, Curses Are Gold

Roses are Red, Curses are Gold! Hey everyone! Welcome back to this lackluster blog site where I cannot seem to get my crap together. I want to apologize for my silence over the past few months. Graduate school has been a major buzz killer.



I am happy to announce that I’ve officially graduated with my Master’s degree in Creative Writing!!!

Now that we got that over, let’s dive into new books that have been keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning. Being a huge fan of mythology and old folktales, this next book was another satisfying read that made me wish my father cursed me.

Young Adult author Annie Sullivan continues her story in A Curse of Gold, the sequel to A Touch of Gold. Sullivan takes readers on another thrilling and exciting adventure with King Midas’s daughter, who he accidentally cursed his daughter. Not only did he turn his daughter, Princess Kora to gold, but he also cursed her with the ability to absorb gold and turn anything she touches.

Sullivan opens the sequel just months after they returned from their first adventure. Princess Kora is no longer afraid to show herself as she returns to Lagonia and helps rule the kingdom alongside with her father. That is until a group of mystical creatures attack the castle, seeking her death. Kora must once again carry the burden of trying to save not only her father but the people of Lagonia. She must gather her allies, which includes her cousin Hettie and her lover Royce. They sail out on an adventure to find the mystical island of Dionysius domain, where they must face the god that cursed her father in the beginning. Come along on a journey that takes readers to the palace of Poseidon’s son Triton and the Gorgon island.

This story is one of my favorite retellings because it takes the point of view from a different character in the old tale. Readers get a new perspective as they see the despair and strength Kora lived with since she was turned to gold at nine-years-old. You see the transition of her becoming a forgotten princess to an outstanding queen that is ready to rule her people! Kora’s determination to put others’ needs before her own is the true definition of sacrifice that will inspire readers all around the world. This story is more than just a warning of greed. It’s about showing acceptance for yourself and others in your journey in life. Kora never let fear prevent her from accomplishing her goals. Her golden curse transformed into a golden savior as she found love, guidance, and friendship.

I hope you give this series a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

Here is the link to the first book A Touch of Gold available where all books are sold.

A Curse of Gold will hit shelves on September 22, 2020! But is available for pre-order! (More than enough time to catch up!)

I’m going to try and post a book review every Friday, so keep watching for new exciting tales that will take you to places beyond the stars!

Talk to you soon!